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24 Hour Certificates

24 Hour Certs

A big part of your success is going to be developing relationships with brokers and booking the right loads for the right price.  Certificates of insurance are what these brokers will require before they let you book those loads.  Most of the time you will have to rely on your agent to fax a certificate to the particular broker.  Once this process is complete, hopefully the load is still available.  

We take a different more modern approach.  Your time is valuable and missing a load because you can’t get a hold of your agent is simply unacceptable in our view.  What happens if you want to book a load at 10pm or on Sunday morning or on a holiday?  Our success depends on your success so we want to give you every opportunity to edge out your competitors.

We have but together a state of the art web based certificate-issuing program for your convenience.  When you become our client we will give you a username and password to our website.  When you log on you can click on a few links, enter the broker’s information and press Submit and your done.  The system will fax an official certificate of insurance to the brokers fax machine in a matter of minutes and send you and email confirmation that it was done.  Sounds a bit more efficient than the way you do it now doesn’t it?

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