Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers_CompBye Insurance provides Workers compensation insurance to protect your business' most valuable asset - your employees. Bye Insurance is committed to workplace safety and protecting businesses from the financial consequences of workplace injuries.


Workers Compensation coverage provides medical and partial wage replacement benefits to employees injured as a result of work-related activity. If you have employees, you need Worker's Compensation Insurance for your business.

Do you need Workers Compensation Insurance? In the state of North Carolina, if you are a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, estate, or trust, you are required by law to carry coverage once you have three (3) employees who are regularly employed, in addition to the sole proprietor, partners, formulators of the LLC, executor of the estate, and bearer of the trust. It does not matter if these employees are full time, part time, seasonal or family members. If you are incorporated, including all forms of corporations and those which have non-profit status, you are required by law to carry coverage once you have a total of three (3) people in the corporation. Everyone is included in the headcount, including corporate officers.

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